Removing Roof Mold | Effective Roof Cleaning

Roof Mold Stain Removal

We’ve reviewed how to prevent roof stains in Prevent Roof Stains after Cleaning Asphalt Shingles and How can I prevent roof stains from coming back? This time we will look at how roof cleaning gets a roof ready for roof stain prevention.

Roof Mold Removal can be challenging because roof cleaning is hard work. Your choices boil down to a DIY Roof cleaning project or hiring a roof cleaning business to do the job for you. The big difference is cost and risk:

DIY Roof Cleaning

Before you embark on roof cleaning as a Do It Yourself project, make sure you have a quality Roof Cleaner (bleach and dish soap don’t qualify, for more information read : Bleach is not a roof cleaner )
With a quality Roof Cleaner Product selected, next make sure the roof is accessible and that you can safely navigate the roof with out falling off the roof. Remember that all roof cleaning products are slick and make an already challenging surface even more treacherous.

Roof Cleaning Contractors

In most cases, roof cleaning should be left to a professional contractor. Before hiring any roof cleaning company, make sure they are insured and ask for at least 3 references from the last 2 years..

Ask what type of roof cleaner they will use, and how long they will guarantee the results.

The day before roof cleaning day, take photos of your roof at noon, and of all the plants under the roof line. This gives you a comparison point to gauge results just in case.

Keep your roof clean

After all the effort and/or expense of roof cleaning, keep that roof clean by using Roof Armor annual stain prevention. It wipes out any algae, mold or moss that has started growing in the last year. Use it every year, and you’ll never need to hassle with roof cleaning again… Roof Mold Prevention…. Better than roof cleaning.