roof mold inhibitor to prevent re-growth?

Q: Is there a roof mold inhibitor available?

I purchased your Siding Cleaner OX 2000 and roof cleaner QSE 3000 with the applicator that you just pour the packets into and apply to the surface that needs treatment.

Once you have a clean siding surface, what would you recommend that I use to apply a mold re-growth inhibitor?

Which of your mold products would be used for application to the just cleaned surface using the applicator hooked to a hose?
Please advise.

Mike D from Maryland

A: Roof ARMOR treatment powered by MoldSTAT inhibits regrowth.

Roof Armor Treatment ( Powered by MoldSTAT Plus) is used exactly for the purpose you are describing.. MoldSTAT plus is a biocide that, when applied every 12 months, will acts as an roof mold inhibitor that prevents stains from returning. As a concentrated the liquid it is very convenient because the Roof Armor Treatment can be applied to the roof from the gutter line, and directly onto the siding.

Roof Armor is applied to a visibly clean surface (the mold and algae are there, but are too small to see) which means there is no need to rinse the product. This makes the annual application of roof armor much easier than the primary cleaning. While we don’t sell a product called ‘Siding Armor’ or ‘Wood Armor’ the same technique applies with the same outcomes.

Pricing on Roof Armor and MoldSTAT Plus are the same, the only difference is that when ordering Roof Armor you will also receive an instruction sheet that highlights the shingle application rather than needing to dig through the moldstat plus instructions.