Roof Stains Prevention Advice

Q: How can I prevent roof stains from returning?

My home in Southeast, FL has a concrete barrel tile roof (terracotta color) and this past Monday I hired a roof cleaner for a roof stain removal project. Now that my tile roof is looking great, I am looking for a preventative agent to keep the algae stains off of it.

The barrel tile roof homes in my new neighborhood get washed every 2 years on average. Do you have any roof stain prevention products that will help me push the roof wash date out further?

Roger C from Southeast Florida

A: Yes, Roof ARMOR will prevent the reappearance of algae stains.

We recommend using Roof ARMOR – roof mold stain prevention…

When Roof Armor is used on a visibly clean roof, it will will wipe out potential stains every time it is applied. This stain prevention works by wiping out the ‘too small to see’ algae and lichen colonies that are present on the roof, but not yet visible from the ground.

Roof ARMOR needs to be applied EVERY 12 months and can keep your concrete tile roof looking clean and mold free for years..