Roof Armor – Shield your shingles from roof stains.

Roof Stains – We didn’t like the stains.

When we first saw roof stains on our shingles we could not believe that the black streaks and spots were actually an algae or roof mold growing on our asphalt shingles. But as we researched how to roof stain removal we learned that roof mold was spreading across the country, and was not just something that happened to our roof.

Of course we cleaned the stains from the shingles, but only after a few failed attempts with roof cleaning products that did not perform to our expectations. On this site we will share with you what we learned about different roof cleaning chemicals.

We don’t want them roof stains to come back

After cleaning roof algae from the shingles we really did not want the roof stains to come back! After a lot of research, phone calls and trial and error we found sort of Roof Shingle Armor that has been preventing the roof stains from returning.

That experience brought us to launching the Roof Armor Information about roof stain removal.

Our goal is to help you keep the stains off your roof.

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